SALE: Lane Bryant Right Fit Denim is 39.99

Ohhh-wee! Now, this is the business – for my plus-size fashion mavens, you better get down to Lane Bryant and pick-up a pair of their right fit denim jeans. Personally, in my opinion, Lane Bryant has really fallen down a hill and got hit by a truck when it comes to style for plus-size women (not adventurous and very basic) but the one thing they have on LOCK is their Right Fit Denim line.

Basically, LB has been dressing plus-size ladies for more than 2 decades and they realized that all full-figured women were not the same – we still have shape. Right Fit jeans come in three shape sizes (triangle, Square, and Circle) to fit the way a full-figure woman curves. No more gaps or sagging. Most of the time, these jeans are pretty expensive, so when I see a sale for $39, I’m all about it.

You can got to or you local mall to find Right Fit Denim.

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