Movies: Dakota Fanning in the Twilight Saga

Here is a pic of Dakota Fanning for the new Twilight saga – New Moon that will be in theaters November 20, 2009. I’m not a fan of the movie, but I am a fan of costume design and style -which is why the picture appealed to me.

Dakota Fanning has a knack for doing excessively well in a variety of roles, and taking on the character with great ease. As a stylist, the look for Dakota’s character (Jane, a member of an ancient vampire ruling class) is right on point. She looks angelic yet evil at the same time. It’s great when a stylist can design a look that walks the line between good/bad without making the model/actress look foolish.


One thought on “Movies: Dakota Fanning in the Twilight Saga


    And shame on you for not being a fan. : – ( It really is a great saga. The books are divine. The first movie was a disappointment, but I hear this next one is under the direction of a totally different producer, so it's supposed to be much better!


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