Trend Alert: Purple Lipstick

Hola my fashion people:

Lately, I have been obsessed with purple lipstick, and I was too happy to find that my obsession is actually one of fall’s fab trends. More ladies stepped out at the NYC fashion shows with a dark purple pout for the crisp Fall season.

As you can see, ladies of all skin tones can rock the purple pout! The key is finding the shade that is right for you. In addition, you have a choice between matte and glossy. Either way is fly to me.

You know once Rihanna is a fashion risk taker, so when she rocked the purple pout, I knew this was the trend to try for the Fall season. So ladies, take a chance, find the purple lip-color that is right for you.

You can go to the Maybelline New York website to find all sorts of make-up tricks and tips. Maybelline has several shades of purple for all skin types. In addition, they have a cool game you can play where the computer finds the right lipstick color for you.

So tell me, will you be rocking the purple pout this season?

Will you rock the Purple Pout
  • Yes – I’ll try something new.
  • No – I’ll stick to my favorite shade.

One thought on “Trend Alert: Purple Lipstick

  1. Hi Mel! I was pleasantly surprised when in my search for lipstick in my absolutely favorite color in the whole wide world “Purple”, it lead me to your blog. I am looking for a really pretty purple lipstick that looks good on my dark brown sugar complexion. I used to wear a Color called Decandence from Avon but they stopped making it. I am looking for a color just like it now.
    By the way love your blog!

    Darlene W.
    Spfld, MA


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