PHOTOSHOOT #8: Debbie and Sabrina – ‘Woodland Angels’

Hola Fab Folks!
Well, Fabgirl Sabrina and I have been pretty busy. We had two photo shoots two weekends in a row. This one is by far my favorite. Remember, I don’t write this blog because I ‘like’ fashion, I am actually a wardrobe stylist and creative director for photo shoots. In addition, I am an amateur make-up artist and hair stylist (I style, I ain’t licensed! lol). I work really hard to help the models have a wonderful experience and help the photographers get the perfect shot.
So, the photographer we work with sent me a video of a session with wind blowing these billowing fabrics and she wanted to recreate the image. We not only recreated the image, we knocked it out the box!
Take a look and tell me what you think in the comments section.

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