MUSIC: Donell Jones – The Lost Files, 2 unreleased songs

Hola Fab Friends!

You know the fab girls love fashion, but music comes in as a close second! So I was so happy to find this jewel in my inbox – Donell Jones’ un-released tracks from his album ‘The Lost Files’. This is a prelude to his BRAND NEW album coming out in the spring. But Donell wants you to remember why he was number one on every quiet storm radio station and every ‘under the sheets’ mixtape (remember ‘Where I wanna Be’ – WOOHOO). The tracks are ‘Bad Boy’ and ‘Groove On’ – I’m already feelin ‘Bad Boy’ and I’m sure you will too.

Click the links below to download to unreleased tracks. Oh yeah I posted a throwback vid for your enjoyment.


One thought on “MUSIC: Donell Jones – The Lost Files, 2 unreleased songs

  1. Thanks Ms. Lyssa !!! Was just talking to a friend about D. Jones the other day. Great minds think a like.. Loving both songs and the my “fave” song of his the throw backs… In-luv all over again.. Thank for the trip down memory lane, looking foward to the album. 1st SADE,now D.Jones.. Big it on 2010!!! Stana


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