Celebeauty – Toni Braxton covers BLEU Magazine and drops 2 new vids

Toni Braxton is BACK!

Recently, she did a cover and editorial spread for BLEU magazine and this week she dropped 2 new videos from her new project, PULSE, arriving in stores/online May 4th.

Toni looks great, and she is back to rocking the short hair-cut (her signature, way before Rihanna cut hers – lol) I’m loving the whole lux look and she makes being a mom look sexy. Whoever her new stylist is, is doing an AWESOME job. He/She chooses pieces for Toni to wear and make her own and not the clothes wearing Toni. See more pics HERE.
Take a look at her newest video’s: A signature Toni ballad,’Hand’s Tied’, and cool uptempo dance track ‘Make My Heart’. Toni. LOVELY. This new project is going to be great. Best wishes to Ms. Braxton’s revivied career.

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