Fall 101: The Ponchos, Capes, and Caplets

Is it 2004? Looks at giant, standard issue, wall calender. Nope! But wouldn’t you know it, ponchos and capes have secretly snuck into Fall 2010 line-up. Who left the back door open? Let’s take a look at our next installation of Fall 101.

Picture source, http://www.stylebakery.com/

Apparently Phillip Lim, Zac Posen, and Alexander Wang left the door open as capes, ponchos, and caplets sashayed down the runway during the Fall 2010 showings. Even trendy retailer H&M has a poncho for the masses (view the video below).

So what’s the difference for 2010. This season’s ponchos are less Mexican fiesta (hand woven, folded blanket look) and more English countryside (tweeds, structures, Sherlock Holmes-ish). The fabric selection are out of this world – as mentioned before tweed, cashmere, wool, and weather proofed styles. In addition this year’s cape/poncho options come in a variety of lengths; ankle gracingly long to hip-hitting chic. There are so many varieties.

The more structured pieces take away from the ‘pregnant lady hiding her baby bump’ and more of young model/hipster just fresh from a fashion show. It’s a good look for most body types. This year, I suggest you invest in one for your closet.

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