Street Etiquette present The Black Ivy – The NEW Fashion Consciousness

Menswear Bloggers, Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs present an awesome blog called Street Etiquette. They dissect fashion and style from an urban influence. The pair haven’t been in the blogging business for long but they have definitely made waves. The 20 year old duo from NY have been featured in various magazines including GQ and Complex. They have an awesome voice about fashion and continue to present a pleasing perspective to their readers via photos, articles, and fashionable collaborations.

The team has new venture/project out called The Black Ivy that present style, culture, and education. The team stated: [They]  . . saw it as the perfect opportunity to  intertwine style, character, education and art with a culture that we are not only familiar with, but actually a big part of. The Black Ivy serves as a tribute to the first black colleges that paved the way for our generation and created a common ground for hardworking, likeminded individuals. What the original Black Ivy league did for folks many years ago is what we strive to do today with individuals that inspire, motivate and spark the creativity of  beings around them. (source)

The Black Ivy is quite inspiring to me, as a blogger, fashion writer, and intellectual, because I attended a Historically black college, know the history of the struggle for black education, and the style of students who walk those hallowed halls. Taking time to spotlight this concept of fashion and philosophy allows for the awesome and intricate style of African Americans to shine through the lens from our very own perspective. Thanks guys. I can’t wait to see more!

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