FAB TV: House of Glam on Oxygen

Being in the fashion industry (somewhat . . . on a smaller scale) I am always excited to see shows that feature what happens behind the scene/lens. I find myself continually telling people that artists rarely dress themselves, the image they portray has been picked by someone like myself. So that’s why I’m happy to see shows like the Rachel Zoe project or my newest sensation – House of Glam.

House of Glam spotlights the B. Lynn Group style and fashion group headed Brandi Simpkins:
B Lynn Group is one of the hottest image agencies in the entertainment business: agents to the top fashion stylists, makeup artists and hairstylists around–with Brandi Simpkins at the helm. The House of Glam docu-series features her and her team. These fashion stylists, makeup artists and hairstylists to the stars specialize in cooking up original and unforgettable looks for some of the biggest names in music and fashion–so they stand out in Hollywood and beyond. And this show takes you through the chaotic days of trying to please demanding clients, taking you behind the scenes of their magazine-glossy world.

You know I’m already on this, seeing as this is wear I want to take Fab Glance. I love the spotlight on a Afircan American company, that’s rare in the industry. Plus, there’s lots of drama, celebs, and fashion on the show. Clearly, this is a must-see! Take a look at the clip below:

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