FALL 101: Say HELLO to HATS!

Nashville can be a a difficult place to dress appropraitely as the seasons chage. One moment it’s 80 degress the next it freezing cold. That’s why a fab fashionista needs to know the true glory of the ultimate accessory. From scarves, to capes, to hats, Fall is the best time to explore your fashion boundaries and up your fashion sense.
That’s why I’m happy about hats. Last year, designers like Betsey Johnson and Diane von Furstenberg used funky hats to add a touch of whimsy to their looks, while Zero + Maria Cornejo and Carmen Marc Valvo used them to add sophistication to their palettes (source). So as you know, the trend stood strong and floated right into October and Novemeber. Tricky weather is the perfect time to slip on a cool hat.

Hats can add whismy, sophistication, and even a sexiness to any ensemble. Oh yeah, don’t forget the glory of hiding a bad hair day. In addition, buying a hat is a wonderfully inexpensive way to update your wardrobe.

This season I’m really loving the fedoras, newsboy caps, and the always stylish beret.  Take a look at the selections below. Just add one hat to you accessories collection and you will be very fab and very ready for fall!

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