All I Want 4 Christmas: Atelier Minyon ‘Key Mine’ Earrings

Atelier Minyon is one of my favorite jewelry companies. The Turkish jewelry house makes handmade pieces out of gold, silver, diamonds, and other precious jewels. You may remember the Fab Crew visited Cindi Earle Boutique when Atelier Minyon arrived to Nashville – CLICK HERE FOR THE STORY.
So, lately I’ve been into antique jewelry or antique looking jewelry. It has such a rustic appeal and adds a great touch of yesteryear appeal to your ensemble. When I glanced these key shaped earrings on Atelier Minyon’s Facebook page, I knew this design had to go on my Christmas list.
These are hand crafted pieces, but look how delicate they look on the model. Just enough charm to cause instant ear appeal. I love them! If you’d like a pair, make sure to contact Atelier Minyon on their website:

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