Celebeauty: Style Files – Nicki Minaj – Then vs. Now

If you haven’t seen Nicki Minaj all over your television, radio, and magazines – you’ve been living under a rock. Rolling Stone magazine recently crowned Nicki Minaj the queen of hip-hop.  Known for her funny faces and racy lyrics which bring her alot of attention some hate her but many love her. This girl has a fan base that some celebrities dream of.

Her new album Pink Friday came in 2nd on the billboard charts under her friend Kanye West, and she’s breaking records that only Missy Elliot held. This is most definitely an accomplishment for the mid 20’s Trinidadian beauty.

Lately, everyone has been talking about her style. Nicki Minaj has come a very long way from the young girl who grew up in Queens, NY with her t-shirts and jeans. She went from Onika Miraj to Nicki Minaj and sometimes refers to herself as an actual Barbie, an English brat named Roman, and slew of other characters. But she’s great at what she does.

High School yearbook picture

Nowadays she’s all about the tight dresses and skirts with leggings. On any given day her hair may be pink, blond, blue, and or any color under the sun and her makeup/lashes are usually to die for.
Definitely a short, tight dress type of day. This is a more “toned down” Nicki.
Say what you want about Nicki Minaj, but this girl is not afraid to venture out and get crazy with her red carpet looks.  My personal favorite look on Nicki is her laid back look, with just enough makeup and lashes, her black wig (with bangs of course), jeans, a t-shirt, and Louboutins of course. But that’s probably my favorite look with everyone. (Sue me. I’m the simple type). Lets take a look at some of her many looks:

Ms. Lyssa loved the accessories for this jumper Nicki wore during the VMA’s.

Of course FabGirl Sabrina is a sucker for a summer dress and Palm Trees.

Not even Nicki can go wrong with a crisp t-shirt, jeans, and boots. Ever.

We’re not exactly “moved” by this look. But it is a look nonetheless.

Ms. Lyssa nearly had a heart attack when she saw Nicki in this ensemble.  -_-

You know the FabGirls “live” for high fashion. We loved this shoot.

And again…High Fashion is a beautiful thing. What a great picture!

Ms. Lyssa: “If I styled Nicki, she’d always be in a cupcake dress. No more. No less.”

Ms. Lyssa approves.

One can always agree. Nicki MInaj’s makeup artist is definitely #winning.

What do you guys think of Nicki Minaj’s bold Fashion? Hit up the comment section and let us know!
FabGirl Sabrina

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