FASHION FORUM: All you need is ONE good element

Happy Holidays!
As you can see, the Fab Glance posts have been slacking off. Well the Holiday season has the Fab Crew pretty busy. Soon Fab Girl Sabrina and I will be going to our respective hometowns (Miami and NY) for holiday hiatus.

As I’ve begun packing, I started thinking about my Fab Friends – I know you’ll be going home for the holidays too. Or, maybe you have friends and family coming in. Either way, I know fashionistas such as yourself may get to worrying . . . about WHAT TO WEAR! You may see those old high school friends, ex-boyfriend, new boyfriend/husband’s family, or the maraud of other people who may be judging your appearance before they judge your personality.

Here’s my theory as a stylist – – you just need ONE good element.  Think about your trip. Figure the day when you’ll see the most people, and build your clothing choice around that outfit. The reason why you need ONE good element is because good style travels. People will continue to talk about the outfit well after you’ve left the building. Why is this true, because I’ve done it myself. I’m known for my lacy/racy hosiery. I add a piece to my basic black dresses and I’ve instantly updated my look.
The Kardashian sister on the Today show
One of my favorite celeb families, The Kardashians, have this technique down to a science. Those girls dress well at the very perfect times. Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney don’t look great in every outfit photo’d by the paparazzi, but what we are always left with is the memory of the time they looked awesome. The same theory goes with Rihanna, Janet Jackson, and Blake Lively. You can do this too, here’s how to keep it simple:
All black you can never go wrong wearing all black. It instantly slims you, give a taller appearance, and draws attention to your face. Janet Jackson does this all the time:
Janet Jackson arriving at the Hermes fashion show in October

Jeans and Sweater – Refer to my previous post about the cozy cardigan trend. A slim pair of jeans and a interesting yet cozy cardigan let people know that you are comfortable with yourself and you have no need to impress – even though your effortless style has impressed everyone!

Rihanna arrives wearing a comfy sweater and black combat boots

A great purse – A great purse instantly updates any outfit. Take jeans from simple to chic can take a dress from dapper to daring. Beyonce is good for doing this. Her everyday style is pretty basic, but she always carries an interesting bag!

Beyonce wearing the DVF Slouchy gold embellished bag

A good coat – You always see most of your long-lost friends when out running errands. So why not wear an awesome coat? A great coat covers a bad fashion day. So rock it out!

No matter what element you choose, confidence is the best accessory. I hope this guide helped. Happy holidays!!

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