Best Dressed: Grammy Awards 2011

Last night the Grammy Awards aired. There were great performances (The Aretha Franklin tribute, Justin Beiber and Usher, B.o.B + Janelle Monae + Bruno Mars), big winners (Lady Antebellum, Esperanza Spaulding), and some questionable moments (Lady Gaga in an egg? Emimnem’s inexplicable anger?) – all in all it was great show. I was happy to see new talent get great exposure.
However, the fashion was a bit . . . ho-hum. The excitement we usually look forward to seeing was subdued. The celebs didn’t bring that WOW factor that I’m used to seeing on the Grammy red carpet. However, I was able to sift through 100’s of photos to find some celebs who looked great on the carpet.
Here’s my choices for Best Dressed at the Grammy Awards:
Jennifer Lopez is a sequins goddess in this mirrored mini and shiny Louboutins.

Here’s another Jennifer, Jennifer Hudson. I’m loving this navy blue chiffon skirted gown. Her make-up is flawless!

Hey Monica! Monica can WEAR a gown. Don’t know the maker, but this black gown with exaggerated shoulders looks great on Monica’s tall frame.

Now, I know what your thinking . . .  Nicki’s looking a bit too animal  But the dress is really fly. Now subtract the tights and the crazy wig and this dress is very couture fab. I see where Nicki was going.

Here’s another dress that received mixed reviews. I kinda liked it! But then a couple of hours later, Rihanna gave us this:

 YES!!! This dress was the BUSINESS!! She did that!! This was her performance dress for her duet with Eminem. Good stuff.

And here we have Beyonce, Sigh – –  If she’s not performing, she looks like this? I’m sad for her. Well, you can’t be the best all the time Beyonce.

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