LAST NIGHT: DJ Questlove visits Nashville – it was great!

Last night was a good night for hip-hop! Questlove graced Nashville with an exclusive DJ set at MAI nightclub. When I tell you that this man KNOWS his music, I cannot tell you a lie. He is the truth. Read on –
The place filled up quickly as we waited for Questlove to arrive. While waiting we were entertained by the sounds of DJ Wick-It, rapper, Dee-Goodz, and Chancellor Warhol (who will perform at Bonaroo this summer) – all were great. They got the crowd good and warmed up for Questlove.
Questlove arrived to the press suite around 10:30. Calm, cool, and collected, he wasn’t able to take any questions, but he allowed the press to take pictures.
I was mad I wasn’t able to see the new Air Questos, but ’tis life . . . I was ready to hear his DJ skills.
Oh yeah, you know Ms. Lyssa was able to get a picture. Another hip-hop dream fulfilled! Yeah!
And to the turntable he went. So, Questlove was on the turntables for  . . . 3 hours! He did not take a break, he did not rest. He took the crowd to hip-hop university, and we had no choice but to learn.
The set was called 6 Degrees of Separation. He played classic hits and would flip it to a song that has been made famous by a rapper or R&B artist. It was great. He did a Reggae mix, a down south mix, a whole lot of Kanye and Jay-Z, some Beyonce, and closed with a J-Dilla tribute. Surprisingly, there was no Roots in the mix. Quest was awesome because you can tell he REALLY liked the songs and was vibing with the crowd.
The Fab Crew parties to Quest’s DJ skills.
Oh yeah, I met a Fab Fan and now new friend, SueZette. Good Stuff!
Here we are vibing out. Such a great night and a great start to the spring/summer in Nashville.

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