Fashion Forum: The power of a woman in a dress

Hello Fab Friends!

It’s finally spring! As warm breezes pass over  bare shoulders and outdoor eating spots are filled with lovely couples, ladies, it’s time to break out the sundresses. A lot of women still shy away from wearing dresses, even on the hottest of southern days. I hear the worst excuses too – “I hate my knees.”, “My arms are fat.”, “My boobs are too small,” and many more. Ladies, you are missing out! Dresses are instantly flattering on women, no matter your size. And the men, oh they love a lady in a dress – it brings that feminine mystique back to the imagination. Clearly, you can see I’m ‘pro’ dress.

Last week, I took to my twitter account to ask men what they think of ladies in dresses. My friend and fellow blogger, Garfield, volunteered to answer my inquiry. Below are his thoughts on women and sundresses:

“Women, dresses – wow” by G. Hylton

Women. And dresses. *takes deep breath and wipes sweat* Lawd. Jesus.

Look, I understand that it’s 2011 and times have changed. The feminist movement afforded many women the opportunity to break free of the mold created by men and exercise their right to be/think/and dress the way you want. I completely understand this.
And, I’m not saying that you can’t be sexy in your business suit, pants, or jeans overalls you like to wear. But when I see a woman in a dress, ESPECIALLY in a sundress, I’m automatically reminded of why I love women in the first place. Again, I’m not old school/fashioned, and I’m not saying that you’re not a woman if you’re wearing pants, but the essence of a woman, in my opinion, is best exhibited in a dress.
A good dress does a great job of accentuating the skin tone of a woman. It shows her softness, her carefree attitude, and it makes me incredibly excited to do things to you that I was told I’m not allowed to describe in this blog.
Women can be sexy in anything.
But when I see a woman in a dress, showing off her shoulders and her back, letting a little bit of cleavage out, with her shined up legs that look like they stretch forever up into her skirt…
Well . . . That does something to a brother that pants, leggings, shorts, and overalls could never do for me.
And if you throw some heels on too?!? Game. Set. Match.
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