FASHION NEWS: Vogue Italia put 3 plus size models on the July cover

I have nothing to say but – YES!
” . . .Tara Lynn, Candice Huffine, and Robyn Lawley in black and white, marking the first time plus-size models have graced the magazine’s cover since the days of Sophie Dahl, circa 2000.” (source, Fashionlogie)
Ok, I do have something to say; When is the fashion indsurty going to stop with the body/skin color segregation? As you can see, these women are beautiful. Eash could pull a full editorial on their own. In addition we know high-end designers sizes got to (at least) 12, which is considered plus-size in the industry. So why make a big  hoopla over casting plus size models for a cover? Even though I’m happy, I still have the same feeling I have when magazines do an ‘All African-American’ cover. 

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