MUSIC: Beyonce, 4, Review

Today marks the release of Beyonce fourth studio album. I had the pleasure of listening to a copy of Beyonce’s new project, 4, before it was released to the public.

At the time, Beyonce and her mega marketing team, had released three songs: 1+1, Run the World (Girls), and Best Thing I Never Had. I immediately love 1+1 but the others had yet to grow on me.  After listening to the project for the last couple of days, there’s no doubt the girl is gonna go gold (500,000 units) by the end of the week and be platinum  by the end of the year. It’s Beyonce.

Below is my song by song rundown of Beyonce’s new album, 4. Oh yeah. let’s give it up for these awesome promo pictures – that girl can slay a photo shoot:

Overall, I like the album. Out of the 12 songs on the standard addition release, I like seven songs.
  • 1+1– Lingering ballad produced The Dream
  • I Miss You – Another ballad, makes you wish you had a mate to miss.
  • Party, feat Andre 3000 – This is the song you play when getting ready to go out on the town. Kanye’s intro and Andre’s verse sum up a fab night with the ladies.
  • Rather Die Young – Yes, another ballad, starts off a bit slow (you might mistake and skip it) but keep listening and you’ll love the lyrics and the arrangement.
  • Love on Top – This song makes sounds like what Diana Ross would sing if she’d made an album in 2010. It’s so fly, and it had a ‘church-a-fied’ breakdown at the end.
  • Countdown, feat Boyz II Men – LOVE LOVE LOVE this song. I’ve probably played this on about 30 times. The arrangement may seem wonky upon first listen, but it will grow on you.
  • End of Time – I just started liking this song after I watched her Glastonbury performance this weekend. This song makes you want to dance!

This album is not as consistent as B’Day (A masterpiece in my opinion) and not as edgy as I am . . . Sasha Fierce. It’s actually like those two albums had a baby . . . .yup, that’s exactly what it is.

I’m sure you’re gonna like this album. Let me know in the comments box. Happy Beyonce Day!!

Purchase Beyonce’s Deluxe version of 4 at Target stores or TARGET.COM

3 thoughts on “MUSIC: Beyonce, 4, Review

  1. I must say 'Countdown' has been playing nonstop in my bathroom, kitchen, my show store and Adele's dog cage. The timing is so off its on!! I'm still letting the whole thing marinate and trickle through my system, but its great for my moodiness lately. One minute I'm all 'Start Over'ish and the next I'm ready to have my 'Love On Top' again. I love when Beyoncé has an album release week. It's like this really stylish disease spreads and I get to just roll around in it. I'm so sick! ;)– Camaron Q. Parker


  2. I have to agree that the album will go platinum but its not my fav. Of course there are some good tracks but for the most part I don't know if the songs will grow on me as you say. Its a nice album and worth picking up or at the least downloading a few songs from iTunes.


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