SUMMER 101: You wanna rock a turban?

I’ve been watching this trend come to popularity since last year. Now, I’m not saying the turban trend s for everyone, but this trend can come in handy during these summer months. You know as these summer days get harder and more humid, your hair may start to swell and become unruly. Think about how fashion forward you’ll be rocking your chic turban, all the while hiding you hideous hair.

The glory in working this turban trend is making sure you choose interesting scarf choices. The ladies above, including June Ambrose the purveyor of the scarf trend (and my FAVORITE wardrobe stylist), rocked their turban with class as they changed patterns, scarf direction, and clothing options. Turbans can be worn for fun, with evening wear, or like I said, for a quick hair covering.

Now, I used to rock scarf all the time when I was in college, so I’m not ashamed of the look. But the tutorial below shows a quick and easy way to start rocking the turban trend. Check out natural hair stylista, Mae,  from She shows you how to wrap you scarf into a cool turban style.

And here is June Ambrose with a step-by-step guide to wrapping your turban. Click the picture to view it larger:

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