Last Night in Nashville: Sade and John Legend perform at Bridgestone

Last night I was blessed with the opportunity to attend the John Legend and Sade concert for FREE (s/o to SueZette for the hook-up, read her blog sometime)!

I’ve seen John Legend in concert previously, but never had a chance to view Sade. Plus, if you know anything about Sade, you know she doesn’t tour in the USA very often. Therefore, it’s imperative that true fans make their way to her concerts.

So, we rush to our seats, just as John Legend has opened with his first song. My first thought, the set is impeccable! Large and lofty with hanging mirrors and an awesome light and sound show. John Legend is great! His voice is CD perfect. He’s dancing on pianos, he’s throwing microphone stands, and he’s bringing ladies on stage to dance – he has the audience’s attention and they love it.

Truthfully, I was there for John Legend; not so much excited to see Sade. I’m a radio fan. Basically, whatever she releases on the radio, I like that song. However, you won’t see me digging through her albums to find that obscure cut that defines my current state of life.

After a twenty minute intermission, Sade hit the stage singing her recent hit, Soldier of Love. The audience went wild. This was DEFINITELY Sade’s night. Nashville showed her so much love. The audience stood up for two songs while cheering, singing along, and screaming “I love you, Sade” from across the arena.

At 52 years old, the Nigerian/English singer looked amazing! The first couple of songs she wore her signature hair style, her long hair pulled tightly into a low hanging neat ponytail. Her red lips and light foundation showed an almost flawless face filled with tiny brown freckles. Men in the audience swooned as she shook her hips and crooned her greatest hits. Her deep speaking voice was quite surprising as she admonished her love for the excited Nashville audience.

 During the last set she made a costume change and returned in this fitted white dress with an exposed sexy fuchsia bra. Her signature ponytail had been replaced by long flowing curls. With no shoes on she floated around the set singing to her fans. One thing for sure, her voice is in great condition. She sounded great live.

I can’t end this wrap-up without talking about her set! Oh my goodness! Her set was amazing. I don’t know who the production manager is for the tour but he/she should receive some kind of award for the visual images that the audience saw. There were old home movies, digital dance sequences, and crisp HD visuals for those in the nosebleed seats. Clearly, Sade didn’t want her fans to only listen to her music, she wanted them to EXPERIENCE it.

Sade ended the set to a standing ovation. I may not be a fan of her music but I do appreciate her work ethic, she gave Nashville an great show.

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