Celebeauty: Fab Glance remembers Aaliyah

Today, music fans around the world are celebrating the life of Aaliyah. Aaliyah left the world 10 years ago, due to a tragic plane crash. 

Aaliyah was best known for her signature long hair and swoop over her eye, with her tight shirts, and baggy pants. Aaliyah’s style made it okay to be a girl again, but still have that edge. 

Her style, won praise by ladies and men alike, and even got her a spot on Tommy Hilfiger’s ad campaign (shown below). Aaliyah was also known for her breathy sweet voice and the fab choreography in her videos.

I often wonder where her career would be if she wasn’t taken so soon. My continued prayers go out to the family and her close friends, I’m sure this is a tough day for them. BET and MTV are running Aaliyah videos and program specials all day to commemorate her life. Below, is one of my favorite videos from the princess of r&b.

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