Music Video: Beyonce gets cute and classic in her new video, Countdown

On Monday, Beyonce teased fans with a 30-second clip of the video for Countdown. Countdown features an iconic sample Boyz II Men’s song,Uh-Ahh.

I was super excited about this video, because it’s one of my favorite songs on the album. But after watching the video, I’m a bit confused. It’s like there were two videos put together. The colorful fun video in the beginning, the Audrey Hepburn/dance practice deal, then there was the Check On It references, and the Get Me Bodied references – this video was all over the place. What I did appreciate was Beyonce giving us pregnancy fab-ness! I swear this chick needs to be pregnant forever, shes so cute preggers.

So, do you love Beyonce’s new video?

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