Music Video Fab: Beyonce’s ‘Love on Top’ (FULL VIDEO)

Beyonce is dropping videos as if making videos is going out of style! Last week it was ‘Countdown’ and this week is ‘Love on Top’. Beyonce is clearly inspired by so many sources and any music or movie fan should be able to see her influences in each video. This time around she gives a shout-out to one of the best R&B boy bands in the industry, New Edition. The choreography and staging is directly related to New Edition’s 1988 single, ‘If it Isn’t Love’

What I love about this video, more than any Beyonce’s released from 4 is the styling. Those familiar with the song, love it for the modulations at the end. With every repeat of the chorus, Beyonce and he back up dancers change clothes – revealing different tuxedo styles. The lighting and effects change as the video goes on too. I’m loving the Dolce & Gabbana suits and beyonces signature bodysuit stylings.
Of course, there’s some controversy surrounding Ms. Knowles, the blog-o-sphere is all amuck with ‘is she or isn’t she’ pregnant rumors. There’s even a conspiracy of a surrogate in the mix. Whatever the case, people must remember that videos aren’t released in the order the are recorded. Videos are released in conjunction with popularity of the song. So, I’m sure Beyonce recoerded this video before she was showing, or even knew she was pregnant. Whatever the case, I love it! Take a look at the video below:

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