VIDEO FAB: Beyonce is STYLIN’ in her newest video, ‘Party’

*typing breathlessly* Beyonce keeps releasing al these videos that I can barely finish a post before the next video is complete. All together, I haven’t been highly impressesd with the videos. Actually, Single Ladies and Get Me Bodied are my top 2 favorite videos by Miss Bey. So when a video can surpass those standards, then I’ll say it’s an awesome vid. However, I respect Bey’s swagger and I know she has to have product out there so that when she has a baby, she’ll have that money in the bank (like she’s struggling).

Ok, I’m rambling. The only reason I posted these pics is to spotlight how AWESOMELY styled this video is! It’s as if she contacted every designer from every fashion week and asked them for a piece of wardrobe. Claire from The Fashion Bomb Daily broke down several of the designer pieces in this video. She noted Nicole Miller, Louis Vuitton,Christian Dior, Givenchy, and Rodarte.

I’m saying – she DID THE FASHION THANG in this video. She did it! I’d love to know who styled this video. Hmm . . . I’m gonna research. But as I research take a look at Beyonce’s new video, Party:

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