FIRE YOUR STYLIST: Christina Aguilera at the 2011 AMAs

Being an upcoming stylist, I’m always looking at star-style for inspiration. Some stars get it right, all the time, and some have consistent misses. Last night was an EPIC miss for Christina. This too tight Herve Leger creation shows the worst parts of Christiana’s body. It smashed her curves and made her appear lumpy. My twitter stream went crazy with Christina ‘slander’ – mostly about her weight. But weight (gain or loss) should have no effect on general style.

Christina has never been consistently stylish – do you remember the Stripped Era – yuck! Even though this is not the way I would have styled Christina for her sexy era – she was moderately consistent with her look during those days. Ratty extentions aside, you knew this was Christina. In addition, her body fit the image she was trying to portray. She was tone, lithe, and tanned; a rock-star bohemian without a care in the world.

Now that motherhood has arrived, Christina apparently strives to be the sexy/sophisticated grown-up version of herself. The minor weight gain is not up for discussion. I’m sure in real-life, Christina is smaller than most soccer moms. However, knowing you body type and dressing to hide the flaws HD television can show, is ideal in her profession. Stars do gain weight, but great stylists know how to camouflage to make the star shine brighter.

Now, whoever styled the ‘Moves Like Jagger‘ video should get an award! Dressing Christina in the color block with leggings affair. This video made people think Christina had lost weight. She just looked good – sophisticated, still sexy, and a bit rockstar.

Christina, hire this person full-time and fire the person who styled you for the AMAs.

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