Spring Trends 2012: The Bra Top

Well Happy New Year!

I hope you had a fun-filled vacation and holiday experience. Now that the parties are done and the traveling feasts have been laid to rest, it’s time to get focused on cleaning out your wardrobe, and getting ready for spring. This week, I’ll be spotlighting the five top trend to look forward to in Spring. First on the list is the Bra Top. Many designers including Donna Karan (shown above) used the bra top as a fashion element in the Spring shows this winter.

The bra top is not a new fashion concept, but it has a new flair for 2012.  Bra tops are fly because they can be layered over dresses or under jackets, they give your wardrobe that retro vibe, and the can accentuate your curves. The key to 2012’s bra top trend is fun colors, great prints, unusually thick/thin straps, and great details.

Now, don’t get all huffy, saying “Bra tops are only for teeny-tiny model girls with flat chests!” You know I’m all about making trends work for every BODY.  Check it:

  • If you are plus sized or busty wear the bra top with an oversized button down shirt like Beyonce did in the ‘Countdown’ video.
  • If your bust is a B-cup or below go crazy with a fun print. This will in enhance your cleavage by creating an optical allusion.
  • Or if you are conservative, wear your bra-top layered under/over a dress or sheer shirt. It creates a fun finish to dress up a blah-ish outfit.

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