Summer 101: Maxi Dresses are still IN – with a twist!

Collared Lace Maxi from F21

I’m happy to report that the maxi dress is BACK for summer 2012! Yup! Ladies everywhere need to rejoice. This summer staple is back with a vengeance and adding some twists to up it’s trend factor. Let’s get into it!

Why is the maxi-dress so popular? Well, it’s super versatile and looks good on almost every body type. From plus to petite, the right maxi-dress will give you definite WOW factor at the next summer outing.

Striped Neon Hi/Lo Maxi dress from F21

The maxi-dress for 2012 is all about color and versatility. Take a look at the dresses shown. The first dress incorporates the lace trend. The middle dress incorporates the nautical trend AND the hi/lo trend (which I LOOVE).The last dress is all about color blocking and check out the modified tank design – quite nice!

So, when looking for a maxi-dress for 2012, make sure the one you choose has some of our favorite summer trends: lace, neon, color blocking, or nautical designs. You like these dresses, click the links below the pics for purchase info.

Color-block Maxi from ASOS

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