MUSIC VIDEO FAB: Brandy, "Put It Down"

Sorry so late with the posts, but thanks a bunch for working with me and reading the website. I have a couple big projects in the works as well as some new stuff coming to the site. You will be impressed!
Ok, let’s get to this new BRANDY video featuring Chris Brown, “Put It Down”. I can’t give props to this video until I give my 2 cents on Brandy’s lateness – Homegirl, this song came out in the beginning of summer and we are JUST NOW getting a visual? You better get up on game. In 2012 you can’t move that slow.
Anyway, I’m loving the song and I do like the video. The lighting was a little too dark in some spots, but other than that, I give it a thumbs up. The fashions were good. Not too over the top and plenty of forward thinking trends. My favorite part was Brandy and Chris dancing together. That reminded me why Brandy is a fan favorite; she’s not afraid to have fun. So, take a look at the video below and tell me what you think:

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