Michelle, Sasha, and Malia looked amazing at 2012’s victory speech!

First up, CONGRATULATIONS TO PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA! Fab Glance has always stood behind you!

I fell asleep last night waiting for President Obama’s acceptance speech. But when I woke up I eagerly scoured the Internets for photos of the first family on that night. As expected, President Obama, First Lady Michelle, and their daughters: Sasha and Malia, were the best dressed first family in the White House.

Mrs. Obama’s Michael Kors dress actually made a repeat performance. She’s so stylish like that! The designer said in a release this morning that he was “pleased to announce” Mrs. O. wore a “magenta silk chine pin-tucked dress.”

The word is still out in what the girls are wearing, but I’m loving these casually high fashion separates that coordinate with their parents outfits! I’m thinking their outfits may be J Crew, as the girls often wear special edition designs from the company. But I’m not sure.

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