NASHVILLE NIGHTS: Nordstrom + Vogue hosts a fashion presentation

After I was honored to meet hip-hop royalty, LL COOL J, I was more than honored to meet fashion royalty, ADRE LEON TALLY at the Nordstrom + Vogue Fashion Presentation. The event was attended by all the fashion socialites in Nashville.

Everyone was loving the Nordstrom + Vogue photo area. So, you know I had to snap a picture to commemorate the experience.

Guests filled the third floor of Nordstrom in Green Hills while cute cater-waiters served us tasty treats and lovely libations. I was quite fond of the champagne and these BANGING goat cheese tartlets – yum!

As the night went on models arrived showing guests the fab clothes offered by Nordstrom. The fashion presentation definitely pt guests in the mood to shop. 
As the night went on many thought that the guest of honor, Andre Leon Talley, would not arrive. It was true that he’d hosted a VIP luncheon earlier that day. The rumor was that he was already on the airplane back home. But  – – the one and only, Andre Leon Talley made is appearance. He snuck in through the side entrance and held court in the Chanel boutique. 

VIP guests were invited to take pictures with Mr. Talley and have him sign autographs. I was one of the lucky guests invited to greet Mr. Talley. Although I couldn’t use my camera to take photos but the Nordstrom photographer will bsend my photo soon and I will post it on the Fab Glance Facebook page.

The event was amazing and the crowd was great! What a wonderful way to set off the Christmas season.

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