STYLE FILE: Iggy Azalea is sliding into this fashionista game

I admit, I was an instant hater of the Australian born rapper Iggy Azalea. Then T.I. added her to his management label and I hated even more. Maybe it was her supposed beef with Harlem rapper Azalia Banks – Banks turned the issue racial and I wasn’t here for it. Maybe it was because her songs didn’t appeal to me – I mean, she’s 23 years old, I’m far removed from those struggles. BUT . . . then she released this video/song – INSTANT love.

Under T.I.’s tutelage (you like that word!) Iggy is really growing into a complete package. The blond hair and superb figure lend to an awesome fashionista canvas. Her actual lyrical flow, yes she has a flow, is something that is missing in the landscape of hip-hop. Her management team is taking it ‘slowly but surely’ with cultivating her image: potty mouth pretty girl with a heart of gold and lyrics of steel.

In person she rocks trendy high-end fashions that make any woman swoon. On stage she’s goes directly into beast-mode, swinging that signature ponytail for all it’s glory sweating while riding the beat of her edgy lyrics. I’m here for it. I see Iggy doing big things in the future, kinda like the way Lady Gaga just slid into the scene and killed it for everyone in the pop game.

So, Iggy did a ‘stripped’ version of her current single, “Work” for VEVO – it’s kind of amazing to me. Plus, she rocks a gorgeous Just Cavalli dress and electric orange Louboutin pumps while telling listeners to “Pleadge allegiance to the struggle . . .”

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