CELEB STYLE: Keri Hilson gives us Greco-Roman realness

Look at Keri Hilson, she’s like a black Barbie! This photo was taken in ATL after dinner with friends. Keri’s recent installation of long braids just takes her fly factor to 109! 
I never hide the fact that I appreciate Keri Hilson – I’m a fan. Chick’s been writing songs since she was 17 and made $10,000 before she was 21. Listen to the catty bloggers if you want; Keri Hilson makes moves that some will never understand. And, oh yeah, she’s FREAKING gorgeous. 
Anyway, Keri’s taken some time off to live her life. She’s recently become engaged to basketball player Serge Ibaka, been working on a non-profit organization, and working on new music. Now, she’s starting to make the rounds and getting back in the game.

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