MUSIC: Drake drops two unique covers for his next album

Listen, I’m here for Drake. I was slow to get on the wagon, but let me tell you, I am second in command to driving this fan wagon! No matter what you say, Drake is consistent, stands behind his musical collaborations, and actually has a great business mind for this ever-changing industry.

So, Drake, dropped the covers for his new album, Nothing Was The Same, scheduled for release September 24. I’m so in love with these covers. One features a young version of Aubrey, staring into the future while the other features an older Drake looking to his past. The covers were illustrated by Kadir Nelson. Nelson is an acclaimed artist, having done work for Michael Jackson’s posthumous album, Michael. Some say the covers are a bite off of Biggie, Nas, and Lil Wayne, who all featured youth or younger versions of themselves on albums. But, I don’t care, I still like it!

As Drake is not afraid to put his feelings on wax, I’m sure this new project will be filled with all types of emotions and Number 1 hits. Insiders have projected that the new album will have no less than four number one hits and will go platinum. I, mean, you can hate all you want, but you wasting your time.

I’m currently jamming Drake’s latest release, “Hold On We’re Going Home”:

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