CELEB STYLE: Happy Birthday Beyonce!

Beyonce’s stylish looks!
Today, Beyonce celebrates her 32nd birthday! Happy Birthday Girl! I’m sure you are sitting on a yacht with you family, smiling at your hubby and playing with your baby girl. Look, I ain’t mad at ya! 
Of course, we’re not friends (yet) but I wanted to take some time to share my absolute favorite Beyonce video, you know, in honor of her birthday.
“Check on It” is my fave song by Beyonce. I think it’s the video that made me like the song even more. The video was produced when Beyonce starred in The Pink Panther, so the video is SWATHED in all pink EVERYTHING! Beyonce does like 8 costume changes – be still my little wardrobe styling heart. 
So, enjoy my fave Beyonce video and eat a cupcake in her honor!

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