MODEL BEHAVIOR: Tyra Banks pays honor to model icons in ‘Tyra Banks Presents: 15"

On America’s Next Top Model, model/business woman/mentor, Tyra Banks, continually encourages her contestants to transform.  Well, Tyra took her own advice. For New York Fashion Week, Tyra teamed up with photographer Udo Spreitzenbarth to create a presentation called Tyra Banks Presents: 15. When you look at these photos your jaw will drop! You’ll see why Tyra CLAIMS and OWNS the title of Supermodel – she embodied each of her subjects.

Tyra banks as . . . 15 year old Tyra Banks

In the presentation, Tyra celebrates 15 iconic models who’ve inspired her. The photos were un-rtouched and presented in raw black & white. From Twiggy to Cindy Crawford, Tyra’s team transformed the supermodel to look amazingly an uncannily like each of the models she selected. On Instagram, Tyra said she chose the number ’15’ because that was the age she started modeling. In the exhibit, Tyra even recreates one of her first shoots (above).

Take a look at some of my favorite recreations below:

Tyra as Grace Jones

Tyra as Kate Upton

Tyra as Cara Delevingne

Tyra as Twiggy

Tyra as Iman

Stylist Ty-Ron Mayes
Hair – Shar Rae
Make-up Artist – Valente Fraiser

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