MUSIC MONDAY: Meek Mill, "Levels"

Welcome to another edition of Music Monday (that you are probably reading on Tuesday cause you know, I be late) Anyway, I’m still on this ratchet ride and you are here along with me. This week it’s all about Meek Mill.
 So, here’s a confession, I never know who Meek Mill is until he opens his mouth. Like for-real, he looks like every black guy I went to college with. Like, if you look up ‘young black male’ in the dictionary you’d see a picture of Meek Mill looking regular.
But, I have to admit he has quite the distinctive voice (although he sounds like he yelling). Anyway, ‘Levels’ is my new favorite treadmill song. It makes me feel like I’m all extra fly and no one can touch me. So, I had to share it with you on Music Monday. Oh yeah, this version isn’t edited so, cover your ears. LOL! Enjoy!

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