CELEB STYLE: The 2013 Kardashian Christmas Card

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Y’all know I don’t hide my love for the Kardashians, especially Khloe (ooh Khloe is my homegirl!). Anyway, every year, the family that everyone likes to hate does a family Christmas card. Each year the theme settles around famil, fashion, and over-the-top luxury.

So, this year, while filming their Christmas special, we watched the family discuss the 2013 Christmas card (seen above). Shot by David LaChappelle, the card isn’t not much of a ‘Christmas’ card, but more of an . . . entertainment optical overload. The Kardashian crew didn’t include much of the family. Rob felt too fat, Lamar is  . . . indisposed, and Kanye is on tour. LaChappelle said his idea was to have only the ladies because they celebrate the matriarchal strength of the family. Yeah . . . ok. Kim ate it up, while Khloe and Kourtney weren’t exactly on board.

Kylie & Kendall stand on a pile of tabloids while Kim climbs the stairs to the money

Now mind you, the ladies looked FAB donning all black, silver accessories, and mega over the top hair (or headpieces). Styled by Katy Perry’s stylist, Johnny Wujeck, you can’t deny their beauty. Plus, when watch the development of the set, it’s really quite amazing, just not for a Christmas card, more for a Vogue feature.

A couple of stray members made it to the photo; Mason, Penelope, and Bruce. But, Kourtney had to fight just to get the kids in the photo – although I wouldn’t have fought to get my kids in thimenagerie of mess. Bruce just looks out of place – trapped in a glass tube of emotions while Kris Jenner celebrates solo success. It’s just . . . a trippy random mess.

Aww, I just miss the classic Kardashian cards. Sometimes less is more. I hope they go back to basics next year.

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