BLOGGERLIFE: My collab with Nashville Style Collective + Sabrosa Vintage + Codie’s Closet

Wearing Sabrosa Vintage – I loved this dress!
You may have noticed a new badge on my blog. Yes, I am apart of a new team of stylists, writers, and taste-makers called the Nashville Style Collective. I’ve been working with the Collective for almost a year, all undercover, like a ninja. We are curating a bunch of stylish collaborations within the Nashville fashion community. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep up with our projects.
The Nashville Style Collective has 10 members from Nashville’s blogging and fashion community. One of the projects we do is a sort of OOTD/Editorial in which we feature fashions from local boutiques and designers. 
Me, wearing vintage pieces from Codie’s Closet, Codie wearing a vintage piece from Sabrosa Vintage
 For Fall/Winter, I worked with Codie Gentry, blogger, from A Brunette. I love Codie’s plus-size style because it’s super casual, with trendy elements. Codie has an online shop called Codie’s Closet. So we pulled clothes from her store as well as Sabrosa Vintage. Sabrosa Vintage, owned by Carrie Williams, has an online Etsy shop and some pieces at 8th & Argyle from Junior to Plus-Sizes. Like, she has so much stuff! Please support!
I styled Codie and then Codie styled me. It was so fun!
 This was my first time IN FRONT of the camera in like FOREVER! Whew! It took me some time to get used to being in front of the camera. However, you will see more of ME on this site. I’d love to showcase my plus-size style. So let’s go on this journey together. 
See more photos from this Editorial on Nashville Style Collective!

Hair & Make-up: Melissa Watkins
Wardrobe: Melissa Watkins & Codie Gentry
Photography: Patrick Webster

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