GLIMPSE: The O’more Student Fashion Show

The O’more student fashion show is one of my favorite fashion presentations of the year. Something about seeing talented students on the cusp of greatness give me a chill. You just don’t know who’ll be the next big fashion star within two or three years. And it’s always great to say that person came from the Nashville area.
Last week, the 2014 O’more Fashion show presented more than 20 sophomore -senior fashion presentations. There were collaborations with the lower level students and full shows for the senior/graduating students. The even took place at the Factory in Franklin – a space that was decorated very chic, ready for a fashion explosion.
This was my fourth year attending the show and I can say I was wildly impressed with the looks presented. Some of the pieces were ready to wear, straight off the runway. The audience was constanly in awe of the gogeous designs. Take a look below at some of the stand-out looks from the night.

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