MY STYLE: True Blue Freedom

Hola Fab Girls! Did you enjoy your Three Day Weekend! Fourth of July 2014 seemed to be all types of awesome according to the ladies and gents I follow on social media. I celebrated my freedom by chilling with family doing all the corny 4th of July things: BBQ, swimming, and fireworks. I can’t deny, it was fun and relaxing.

Since, I was kicking it with my family I decided to keep it way casual with a pop of color to celebrate . . . ‘Merica! LOL! Last time I told you about my awesome royal blue tote from Forever 21, well it comes with a little friend a cute little crossbody bag! Isn’t it the BEST! Seriously, get to clicking and purchase this tote combo – I assure you, it’s a great investment.

Am I the only person who has like 50-11 pairs of Converse? These blue ones coincidentally matched my bag and gave me a cute look for the rest of the day.  The dress/tunic came from Forever 21 (last year) sorry, and the capri leggings are from Lane Bryant. Seriously, these capri leggings are the best thing I’ve purchased – well other than my bag combo!
Oh, had to put on my ruby red swatch watch to show just a bit more patriotic spirit. See. it doesn’t take much to create a stylish look to celebrate a fun holiday!

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