GLIMPSE: The On The Run Tour in Atlanta

“Don’t Worry Be … Yoncé!”
Yup, it’s the truth! The On The Run Tour was everything! The Carters, Jay Z and Beyoncé, give an awesome concert. It’s a visual overload and gives every fan of the couple something to talk about. 

From the stage design to the mini-movie that serves as an interlude between each set – it’s an … EXPERIENCE!  I don’t think I sat done the entirety of the show. 

Beyoncé is perfection and Jay Z is that cool cousin who happens to be the “Best rapper alive! Beyonce, that lady does not miss a mark. She is the ultimate performer and she gives the crowd everything we love about her: perfect ‘messy’ hair, choreography for your nerves, and gorgeous costumes!  Jay Z lives to hype the crowd. He smiles on stage, makes little jokes, and generally acts like he loves the songs he’s performing. Jay Z served as the perfect hype man for Beyonce’s flawless perfection. These two work well together. 

So here’s a little glimpse of my night. It was one of the best concerts I’ve attended. I hope you get a chance to attend as well. 

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