SUMMER STYLE: My summer office look

Welcome to Day 1 of my Summer Style feature. I’m so happy to share my summer style with you. As a plus-size blogger, I often get asked how I pull together my looks for the summer season. Most of you know I run the blogs but I also have a day job . . . in an office. We have a dress code that’s not so strict so it allows me to be creative.

The biggest thing I hate about the dress code is we can’t wear sundresses. But, I have a ton of sundresses. So, what’s one way to rock a sundress to work while staying in dress code? Wear a simple button-down shirt over it.


I purchase this simple button down shirt from the men’s department at WAL-MART! I know, RIGHT! This maxi-dress was purchased from Ashley Stewart about 4 years ago (purchase a similar and BETTER one here). The belt was purchased from Target. I love a good slim belt to add a bit of chic to a look. Also, it pulls in your waist and gives that hourglass shape.

This comfy look get plenty of compliments at the office. Putting a shirt over a maxi-dress or sundress instantly allows you to have a skirt look for the day. Clever huh! I hope this inspires you to try a new look with your sundresses

Stay tuned for more of my Summer Style series! 
See exclusive photos on my instagram: @FabGlance

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