MY STYLE: Couture for Thanksgiving!

Skirt custom made by Charles Lord Couture, Nashville, TN. Shot by Toni Denisa

 Do you smell the Turkey and dressing in the air? Thanksgiving is COMING! As I finish my fall style series I had to end this series with these gorgeous photos celebrating the beauty of the colors of fall. Shooting in the Berry Hill location was just LOVELY and I know I’ll shoot their again. So let’s get into this lovely look that’s just right for the Thanksgiving holiday.

When one of your best friends is a designer, you get lucky when he designs a work of art and gives it to you. This skirt was designed by Charles Lord, local designer currently housed in 8th & Argyle. Charles re-imagines vintage fabrics and creates the most lovely pieces. I had the honor of styling (and modeling) for Charles’ Spring/Summer look book. He creates stand alone peices that don’t need alot of details to look good.
Once again, can we talk about this GORGEOUS location! Tucked away in the Berry Hill neighborhood, right near 100 Oaks Mall, you will find some of the most beautiful murals and abstract artwork. Sometimes we don’t even realize the gems in our own city! This location was great for my Fall shoot.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Fall Style looks! This weekend I’m shooting my winter/holiday lookbook! I’ve got some sparkle, sequins, and satin coming for you! Click HERE to check out my FALL STYLE look book!

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