FASHION FRIDAY: Duro Olowu, Fall 2015

Don’t you love coming across a new designer that makes you think differently about how to get dressed? That’s how I felt when I looked at Duro Olowu’s Fall 2015 line.  I was familiar with the Nigerian designer’s work when he did a collaborated with JCPenney. The lawyer turned fashion designer has made headway in the industry with his fashion-forward pattern influenced collections. Take a look:

 Duro Olowu’s latest collection took inspiration from the Fauvist painter Kees van Dongen, and something about the artist’s work really got the designer’s juices flowing. – Maya Singer,
 Kees Van Dongen was a German expressionist painter that was well-known for his bright colored painting of women in various states of dress. He was like, a badboy of the painting word and found his fame in the Paris painting circuit during early 1900’s. With that info, I can see how Olowu was influenced. The patterns and bold prints speak to the woman who wants to stand out in the crowd while being the most well dressed person in building.
What I love about Olowu’s work (because he’s far more than JUST a fashion desinger) is his bravery with pattern mixing. I’m sure his asthetic comes from the dresscode of his homeland, Nigeria, with their vibrant fabrics. I love that all the pieces from the collection mix and mingle with other pieces. Some mix with other items from previous collections. How cool is that? 
Can you see yourself rocking one of these gorgeous looks? I’m so mad I never purchased one of his pieces from the JCPenney collection. But let me tell you, when I get the right amount of coins – I’m on it! So enjoy! Tell me what you’d rock in the comments section.

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