MY STYLE: Houndstooth and cute

Cashmere sweater – Dillard’s, Skater Skirt and shoes – Torrid, Tights – Avenue

I love a good pattern and houndstooth is one of my faves! I didn’t know the black & white checkered pattern had such a following until I cam to the south. Houndstooth is a big deal in the south, especially if you went to the University of Alabama. I just love it becuase it’s an easy way to fancy-up and basic look. Check out my houndtooth look below:

Aww I’m so sad that this is the last look of the winter series. But, with Nashville Fashion Week coming up, I have some looks that will have you highly impressed. Anyway, I’m not a girl for a bunch of bells and whistles but give me two or three pieces and I can create a look. I remember buying this sweater, about three years ago, and saying “I just need some work tops.” you know something simple that can dress up an office look. This sweater made the cut – plus it’s thin enough to wear under a blazer and warm enough to wear alone.

Now, I’ve been getting my LIFE from this skirt. I purchased it at the beginning of fall and I’ve worn it tons of times. It’s fitted at the top and flares out so cute! Being six feet tall, most skirts tend to be TOO short. With this one, I don’t mind. Plus, the super opaque tights from Avenue (I’ve talked about them here, here, and here)cover my legs which give a streamlined look. Not too much skin, since my skirt is so short. 

Do you like my look? How do you rock houndstooth? Let me know in the comments section! Oh, and, let’s hope in the next week (or in two weeks) we can drop the tights and get into SPRING!

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