MY STYLE: Fave looks from February 2015

My Valentine’s Day look. Dress from Torrid. Click here for details

The month of February came so quickly I hardly remember everything I accomplished, but boy did I accomplish a lot. Most importantly, this little blog hit ONE MILLION PAGEVIEWS! Yes, after 7 years of blogging, hitting one million pageviews is a wonderful feat.

And it seems, it seems I’ve FINALLY caught my stride. I’ve given myself permission to be myself and be unapologetic. Each time I shoot a look, I’m more confident, more happy, and more aware. Aware that each image I present pushes the vision of plus-size women into the eyes of one more person.

Urban appeal in this Calvin Klein dress turned overcoat. Click here for details.

Yes, plus-size women come in all shapes and sizes. This one, me, I’m 6 feet tall with more bottom than top. I love to play up my waist, neck and shoulders. But every photo session I fall more in love with other parts, parts I previously tried to hide: big butt, chunky arms, and fluffy knees. So, looking over these photos from the past month, I like myself and the way I look.  I’m excited to continue the journey. It’s only March! I hope as I fall more in love with myself, you find a way to fall in love with yourself too. Let’s get to the looks.

My Valentine’s Day look was a big hit on instagram and tumblr. I think the ULTRA girly pink-on-pink look appealed to my readers. To tell the truth it’s one of my FAVORITE dresses in my closet. The Calvin Klein dress/vest wasn’t a social media fave, but it’s currently my favorite look for winter transition. I’ll definitely shoot this dress in the summer so you guys can see what it looks like as a dress. Lastly, the vintage fur vest wowed me and wowed you! Seriously, I just wanted to shoot an all black look, but when I was given this awesome piece, how could I say no?

Everyone needs a bit a fur, real or faux! Click here for details.

So, these were my favorite looks from February. In the next couple of weeks I have some speaking engagements (I know, right?!) and  . . . Nashville Fashion Week! I won’t have time to shoot a March lookbook, but I’ll have a ton of candid photos that will post to my instagram. So you should follow me over there.

What was your favorite look? What are you planning to purchase for Spring? Let me know in the comments.

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