REVIEW: Favorite Times from Nashville Fashion Week – 2010-2014

Nashville Fashion Week, 2014, Art District Show
With the folks over at Nashville Fashion Week dropping these HUGE announcements (Nigel Barker & Fern Malis coming – EEK!), the excitement is growing for the city’s most exciting fashion event.  I can say, if you love fashion and you live in Nashville, you REALLY should get a ticket to Nashville Fashion Week. Even if it’s just for one night, I think you’d be proud of what the city has to offer.
It’s always fun when you pick up your media credentials! You know it’s official!
I’ve covered Nashville Fashion Week (NFW) every since it’s inception – 2010! I have TONS of photos from the past five years, so I thought I’d share some today. This is a one man show over here on Fab Glance, so I do it all. During NFW, you can always see me, all six feet of me, standing near the photo pit with my iphone AND my camera, taking photos.Click the link below for more photo fun:

Turn the Arcade into a runway? Yup, we can do that! NFW, 2011.
My absolute favorite NFW moment was 2011, when they took Nashville’s historic Arcade (an indoor/outdoor shopping complex) and turned it into a runway. Now mind you, it was COLD as Alaska that night but we all crammed into this space waiting to see the presentations. It was epic. Betsy Johnson showed that night and the crowd went wild. Click here to see more.
Dresses made out of newspaper?! Yup! NFW Kick-off Party, 2012
NFW hosts the best kick-off parties! It just makes you excited for the upcoming event! During their 2012 kick-off party hosted at the Hutton Hotel on West End in Nashville, NFW told attendees what to expect for the week, and showed some local amazing-ness. The paper dress designs of Fairlight Hubbard were the biggest hit of this party.

When NFW got creative and changed the way we present fashion! The INSTALLATIONS!
When NFW gets a new idea and executes it amazingly, you can’t deny it. In 2012, NFW decided to present their Emmerging Designers in an installation presentation. What? Well, instead of a fashion show, every designer was given a space in Marathon Music Works to create a GORGEOUS fashion presentation. This presentation gave attendees a way to examine the designer’s work up close and personal while getting a peice of the essence of how the designer wants you to experience their clothes. View more of the installations HERE.
Olia Zovozina giving us LIFE and taking us to CHURCH!

Remember that one time that there was a fashion show in a church? Yes, girl, yes! In 2011, NFW held a fashion show in the heart of East Nashville at Crystal Fountain Church. Oh, it was a scandal! Some people weren’t so comfortable with this type of presentation, but I loved it! This was the same time Cristian Siriano gave everything with his wonderful presentation! What do you think will happen this year? You gotta purchase a ticket!

War Memorial Plaza, NFW 2011

Sometimes it’s the little things that make NFW events standout. For this fave at the War Memorial Auditorium, it was the EPIC lighting. I’ve visited War Memorial plaza, the capital buildings in downtown Nashville, but when lit with gorgeous stencils making the walls look like lace, it’s a site to see. In addition, the presentation that night, ballgowns and swimwear, was such a cool juxtaposition. Like I said, a fave!

This walk down memory lane has me all excited! I hope to see you at Nashville Fashion Week this year. Make sure to say hello! Snap a few photos and create your own memories!

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