FAB FAVES: Favorite products for Dry Fall Skin

Happy Monday! It’s time for me to share some of my favorites with you. This week I’m talking about products that help my DRY fall skin. Like, dude, the older I’ve gotten the more dry my skin has become. I used to have the most oily skin. I used to think I could never have normal skin. Then, my skin became the Sahara desert. Well, actually, it’s oily at the top and DRY at the bottom. I have combination skin, and it’s the worst.
I’d like to say, if you have a REAL issue with dry skin (where these suggestions don’t work) visit a dermatoligist. That’s what I had to do last year when my skin decided to peel off my face. My doctor told me I had seborrheic dermatitis (which is basically eczema on the face) and gave me a prescription. After the symptoms died down, I researched ways to keep my skin calm. Below, I’ll share with you.
Drink More Water – so yeah, this is a given. The more I drink sweet or alcholic drinks, I could expect the next week to have an itchy dry face. Drink your water ladies.
Try a gentle face wash – Looking at my previous face washes, there were ALOT of chemicals. My new sensitive skin was like, “NAW GIRL”! When I was under doctor’s care she had me on Cetaphil (with the purple top). I still use the cetaphil when I’m experience a flare-up. But when I’m not, I am in bae-love with Simple’s Moisturizing Face Wash. It’s so gentle and so cleansing. 
Get an (oil free) moisturizer – I’m new to this Neutrogena Hydroboost Water Gel, but I’m impressed. It’s oil free, my face feels so moist afterward, and a little goes a long way. I actully use it in the morning and before I go to bed.

Don’t forget the lips – Listen, no one wants DRY lips. But, I tell you, mine were the driest! I’d try anything to find relief. Who would have thought a tried & true brand would give me relief?! Shout out to MARY KAY cosmetics and my new Mary Kay representative, Stephanie. She introduced to the Satin Lips collection from Mary Kay and my life has been saved. It’s a two-step process that includes an exfoliate and a lip balm. 
If you’re looking for a wonderful Mary Kay consultant, who is quite knowledgeable, Stephanie the one to contact.
So, I hope my faves become your faves. This is not a sponsored post, but the links are amazon links.

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