MY STYLE: Keep it cute and casual

I love to dress up, but I olve to keep it casual too. Actually, casual fab is where I live most of the time. When the weather goes cool, I love to pull out a fleece, some black leggings, and my Timberlands. You can be cute with a touch of boy-ish beauty. That’s what I rocked this week. Check it . . .

On a day when you have to run ALL the errands, keeping your look simple but fly is the key. I’m not gonna tell you again about the premium black leggings from Torrid. I’m just saying, they are a blessing to the thick thigh girls of this world.

The key to keeping cute on a casual day is paying attention to the details. Don’t just through ANYTHING on, but don’t wear a ball gown either. A good watch, some fun layers (I wore this camo fleece from Wal-Mart), and a nice purse. This is my fave bag from . . . PAYLESS! Yup, it’s Christian Sirano for Payless. Don’t be afraid to mix high and low to achieve a fly look.

So, when it comes to keeping it casual, take it easy. You’ll always come off much more stylish.

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