FAB FAVE: Holiday Travel with FabGlance

Holiday Travel season is upon us. Within the next two weeks, more of you will travel farther (for longer amounts of time) than any other season of the year. Myself included, I have a corporate retreat this week and I’ll turn around to fly to my hometown on Christmas Eve. So, I had to give you guys a pictorial glimpse of some of my travel essentials. Check it out:

Fab Sunglasses: Although it’s winter, the sun is relentless. As you go from the car to the airplane and back to the car, your eyes may grow fatigued. Put on your fave sunnies to keep you looking FAB and hide those bags.

A good basic watch: The one pictured is from Charming Charlie. It’s my fave watch due to it’s chunky oversized design and all-black color. This watch looks good with most outfits and cuts down on me bringing do much jewelry in my suitcase.

A good book: travel time is a great time to read a book. For me, I’m re-reading one of my faves, Angels Laws of Blogging. This book will get you RIGHT if you looking for ways to effectively grow your blog.

Body Spray: This is a MUST! When traveling and sharing space with other travelers I make sure to smell good . . . but not overpowering. This light spray from Nashville retailer, Kiia Bath & Body, will allow you to smell good without giving other passengers a headache. Bonus, it’s all handmade with non-synthetic products.

Breath Mints: Along with smelling good, please make sure your breath isn’t offensive. LOL! We all have that story of the a four hour plane ride with a passenger that has breath that smells like he ate roadkill. Don’t let it be you.

Longlasting Lip Color: I like to keep a simple but pretty look when traveling, but I hate re-applying make-up in public. I’ve found this NYX combo give me the longest lasting color coverage. I start with the NYX Matte Lipstick, then I cover that with NYX soft matte lip cream. This combo doesn’t dry my lips out and leave me with a rich color.

What are your travel essentials? Let me know in the comment section!

**this is not a sponsored post, however some links are Amazon affiliate links**

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